What We Do

HT FENIX has been providing business solution to the Medical Industry - Practices and device manufacturers. We provide scientific support to the healthcare industry in the analysis, interpretation and communication of clinical and health economic data.


Innovation introduced in the top class medical equipment brand developed with know-how with a long experience in the field.


Our strategy is based to constantly invest in our personal growth, developing long-term parthership and make a high qualitiy products.


Our desing is carefully proccesed to be always in step with the wishes and demands of our customers.


To develop a stimulating corporate culture and continuous improvment of our products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to stay close to every users satisfy each client by providing the highest quality of our products. Provide to healthcare industry the best practices and proven strategies.

Our Vission

Our vision is to be a leader healthcare manufacturing company known for the innovative products and to introduce a new aproach in today healthcare standards.

Our Passion

Knowing that our products has a big impact on wellbeing, give us the encourage to continue doing our job the same way and with the same passion that we have.

Products Portfolio>

Our product portfolio cover diferent area of aplication such as medical care, rehabilitation, home care, sports and rehabilitation, equine therapy, beauty application and biopsy needles under the brand Zamar.




Guidance for introducing a new technologies in medical field.



Active research with the goal to improve the quality of patients' lives.



Development and certification of a new technologys according to world standard quality.



Product that provide health of mankind and enhance the qualify of life.